a Christian nation?

I do the "ice-breaker" in our Sunday school class-which means making announcements, try to be upbeat, make a few jokes and ask if there are any prayer requests. Yesterday an older lady visiting our church said "we need to pray for Christian leaders for our country......it's really gotten away from God".

Thinking in my head......yeah, I could preach on this subject based on my own personal experiences......I nodded and asked a friend to pray for this.

Ok-now, those of you out there who are fanatical about their faith and mix that with being an American, you may wish to stop reading here............the rest of you: Stop mixing your faith with politics! You're giving Christianity a bad name. There, I said it.

Exactly when were we a Christian nation? When we killed native Americans for their land and forced them on reservations? or was it when we enslaved Africans? or endorsed segregation? Exactly what point in our country's history are we referring to?

Have social morals declined? Absolutely. Don't blame this on the government........they are a representation of who WE are. It's time the church starts to be the church God called us to be-and model Christ. If you want to make a difference in this country.....it starts with YOU! Quit carrying protest signs and signing petitions. Trying to legislate morality doesn't change hearts.......it only makes you out to be an unloving, dictatorial sort of foe. Nothing like Christ.

I read a book recently called "Myth of a Christian Nation".......it rocked some of the foundations of my beliefs.........and that's ok. I would encourage anyone to read it who really wants to see a change in our country.......you'll realize though, that that change must start with you.


I couldn't agree more.

Considering that the Trail of DEATH began in Plymouth 170 years ago when we marched Potawatomi's out of the land we "gave" them (and stealing the rest of their land). We then waited 70 years to pay them for the land they "sold" us, after a long fight in the Supreme Court. The Mayor of Chicago, who paid Simon Pokagon for the land, was found dead the next day in his apartment.

Doesn't sound like we were ever a "Christian nation" to me.

Check out the book "Queen of the Woods" by Simon Pokagon (available in the Plymouth Library).


Thanks Kurt for posting this. It's been on my mind too.

Anonymous said…
let me play "Devils Advocate" Do men sin? Do some seek forgiveness for their sins? Was Slavery a sin and by abolishing that terrible practice has the nation is someway asked for foregiveness? Should a real Christian have a bumper sticker that reads God Bless America or God Bless the Whole World? What is Christian Love all about if it is for God Bless America ONLY??
Anonymous said…
Another book I recommend is Andrew Sullivan's book The Conservative Soul: How We Lost It, How To Get It Back. He writes about the philosophical roots of conservatism and how the modern conservative political movement has been usurped and corrupted by fundamentalist theology. He also writes about the need for a restoration in the Church of what he calls a theology of doubt. His message really resonates with me and articulates why I no longer identify with the Republican Party.

Cousin Jeff

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