Our Old Lodges

Trail at Turkey Run - one of those awe-inspiring places.

Our family often spends our vacations at one of Indiana's state parks. This year it was Brown County and Turkey Run. It seems our ancestors who worked the Indiana WPA projects of the 1930's demonstrated tremendous skill and took great pride in the work they completed. Indiana's historic lodges are a prime example of this. Turkey Run, Spring Mill and the lodge at Pokagon are some of the best.

Regardless of your thoughts on FDR's "get America back to work" plan......it has left us with a tremendous built heritage not only within our state parks, but our local parks, towns and cities. Carved stone in the southern part of the state or stacked fieldstone in the northern part, often show the work of not mere masons, but artisans.

We owe a great debt to those who came before us and thoughtfully preserved large tracts of land, some with unusual natural features. And to those who took great care and pride in the work they performed.
Now, what are WE doing for future generations?


Anonymous said…
Agree that our generation is not leaving behind great public works for future generations as our fathers of the FDR generation did!As a matter of fact, we aren't even maintaining the Republican Eisenhours Interstate Highway system! We have spent the last forty years wearing out our infrastructure/Parks, National Monuments and even our Nations Capital......what a terrible inheritance to leave our children!

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