ah, the County Fair

Nothing says more about being a Hoosier than a trip to the ol' county fair. For us, that means something very rural...........very agricultural. Something great.

As a kid my gramps enlisted me in 4-H.........one of a long line of family members taking horses, chickens and rabbits to the fair. Always a great time-especially hanging out in the horse barn. This year we took in a portion of the horse shows......walked around all the goat, sheep, pig, chicken, rabbit. sheep and turkey cages. (I wouldn't want my kids to grow up not knowing what these are-that would be embarrassing). And, of course, it meant checking out the 4-H projects........photography, leaf collecting, produce, etc. and getting cotton candy for the kids and milkshakes from the dairy booth for mom and dad.

But the best part about the county fair has to be the people. I enjoy running into those I know and talking to good, salt of the earth kinda folks. They make up the majority population of the fair-goers......outside of a lost politician here and there. I am disappointed we missed the antique tractor parade this year though.........which really is nothing more than a bunch of old farmers driving down the narrow walkways between the tents-but always all smiles.

It's a lot like being a kid again, remembering gramps, and having a kinship to those who have a knowledge of the good earth-and often a lot of faith to hang onto to the family farm.

Forgive me for waxing nostalgic.


Anonymous said…
Oh the family farm and the county fair. Alot alike & both a great way to get grounded to the land!

The family farm - for the love of life; and the county fair - for the love of the pork chop sandwich and making a friend of a goat, and as for both, a place to watch your step. Oh, s!!!.
rookie bebe said…
That's one of things I miss the most. Morgan County fair. Morgantown FD makes homemade ice cream that is out of this world!

My dad and me always rode the Scrambler and got cotton candy.

Yes, I was in 4-H and loved seeing the projects as I still do.

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