With pack on back, left standing in Awe

Recently I went backpacking with a couple of buddies to the Lake Superior shore of the upper peninsula. After the 5 or so mile hike in to the back country campsite, we worked our way down to the shore. Now, I have to brag here, the last time I went backpacking was 10 years ago, just out of college-on the Appalachian Trail; this time was so much easier.

So the three of us are checking out the scenery, which only got better on our hike the next day. There were several times it was almost too much to take in-sensory overload. The water was crystal clear, sky-blue......incredible contrasts with the white caps crashing into the rugged cliffs. And we caught the sunset one night-amazing. I took Sunday morning as my opportunity to head down alone to the lake shore early. Perfect. It was God's creation-untouched by the hand of man-as He created it to be..........perfect.

And then it hit me......we are created in God's image........we are His creation. He made us perfect, despite infirmities, shortcomings, and sometimes our lack of faith. If only we could go "untouched by the hand of man" how much more freeing our spirits would be. If we would ignore those annoying voices who say "can't, won't, not you........" and instead just do it. And love life.

Get away and get in touch with what God created, both out there & "in here". And yes, even Indiana offers some great awe-inspiring places.


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