Historic Indiana: going, going, gone

As I've traveled the state, and other states, I've noticed that Indiana seems to lag behind our neighbors in preserving our historic architecture. Don't get me wrong, we have some great stuff and there are folks doing tremendous work in preservation (Cook family in southern Indiana-kudos! & Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana). But, by and large, as a people, we seem to be too quick to tear down.

I know I'm an idealist, but even most realists can come to the conclusion that we should save our architectural heritage if at all possible. It's good for tourism, economic development.......and just good for our culture. I mean, really, if the old stuff goes-how are we going to know what Wal-Mart we've walked out of-we could be in South Bend or Evansville.

There is something inherently good about preserving the buildings our ancestors constructed. It is our connection to the past-one forged from the wilderness with dreams mixed with sweat. Preservation honors those who came before us, grounds us to our communities and protects the future for our children. Join the movement.......preserve, protect. Become an "urban pioneer" reclaiming our old neighborhoods from deterioration and crime. With our 150+ year old home, we choose to lead by example in this cause-and it doesn't come without a price. But can we afford not to?


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