The Bull Moose

Could this guy be more cool? I mean really, thumbed his nose at his own party and did what he thought was in the best interest of the country; and when the rubber met the road, formed his own party. And what a prolific writer and dramatic speaker. Bully! Just bully!
I have to admit.......Teddy Roosevelt is one of my favorite historical characters. While East Coast bred, he overcame health issues, lived tough-charged San Juan Hill-and became a political heavy in New York. The GOP didn't know what to do with him, (I can identify with that) so, to keep him quiet and not split the party-stuck him on as the VP with McKinley. As fate would have it, their boy who they'd hope would stay in the background, rose to power after McKinley's assassination. A great story.

He was an avid sportsman and understood protecting the environment was key to the long term success and health of the Union. His writings are timely even for today.


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