Rockwell Moment

Everyone loves a parade. I do, the kids do..........who doesn't? For some thirty-odd years now, I've been attending a parade in a small town near where I grew up. Of course, when we had kids-they had to go too. And we sit in the same place our family has always sat, near the old family the family grows, the space is getting limited!

Small town parades: firetrucks, candy, waving at cousin Earl who happens to be driving a 1938 Moline tractor..........for the twentieth consecutive year. Why do we go? It's a great way to celebrate who we are as a community of people. Let's be honest-the stuff isn't Macey's T-day'd be disappointed if you thought giant inflatable characters or floats covered in roses were heading toward you next after cousin Earl.

It's just a chance for us common folk to "parade" and wave to our neighbors, friends and family who happen to be stars that day. Hometown stars. Of which there are many....and rightly so.


rookie bebe said…
Thank you for talking about "a Rockwell moment".

I grew up in Morgantown. Lived there till I was 23 and moved to Georgia for my husband.

I was up there this year for the parade in Morgantown. It's the oldest Memorial Day parade in Indiana. BUT. People like my aunt and cousins, who like to see how much joy they can stomp on. I'm now a Firefight/EMT and I love the sirens. I always have and the trucks,too. Now that I'm apart of it, it excites me and makes me so happy to be in a small town with such a great Fire/emergency department.

My aunt asks why the sirens have to be so loud. Someday she'll be grateful for the crew that used those loud sirens when she needs them.

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