Taxes-I'd rather they be unfair

Maybe you've missed it.......but Indiana seems to be knee deep in property tax muck.

I remember the good ol' days, before the court said our system was illegal, how things being "unfair" just seemed to be fair. I guess one can get used to things being unfair-Hoosiers are kinda like that, aren't we? Then someone upsets the balance by saying we can do better.

And better is.............300% increases in property taxes. Yeah, I like the old, unfair system. Although, truth be told, our increase was pretty minimal compared to our neighbors. I'm hoping that goes unnoticed. That doesn't seem fair, does it? I have to believe this was a self-full filling prophecy for those who initially cried foul, maybe subversively hoping that property taxes would be done away with (g'hmm..big business, who already got the inventory tax removed). I think State Rep. Jackie Wo(lorski) is someones pawn in this battle, even though I happen to like her personally.

Well, while I'm on my tax rant, I'm going to take issue with the idea of doing away with sales tax on gasoline. Now, this is pretty dumb if you ask me. All these out-of-state'ers have to pay this tax, subsidizing us Hoosiers. C'mon Indiana democrats........let someone else pay our bills.


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