Unofficial Close of Summer

Well, this weekend represents the unofficial close of summer. I'm not always quick to give up those hot, hazy summer days here in the cornbelt, but I think I'm ready this year. This summer saw an interesting mix of terribly hot and dry days parching the soul to the recent flood waters, purging our roof. The family started the summer with a memorable trip to Disney World. The most rewarding part of the trip, apart from seeing the kids glow, was my run-in with an old friend...........the General Lee.

We hiked through the hills in Brown County and feasted on ice cream nearly every night in Nashville. We skipped rocks and hunted for "river glass" along Sugar Creek. Took in the county fair and a 4th of July parade. Visited the farmer's market on Saturdays and took in a few sunsets. Traipsed around through dad's fields and roasted marshmallows next to the tent we set up in our backyard. My son started t-ball, which I became a base coach by default, and both our kids turned another year older. I managed to steal away to Lake Superior's shore and managed to catch up with a number of old friends. We took in a few weddings and cookouts. And my dad gave us a scare with some extended hospital r&r.

This is typical Indiana summer kind of stuff. I didn't mention breathing in the corn once it's tasseled, running in the backyard in bare feet or sitting next to my beautiful wife on the back porch with the subtle breeze blowing in, drinking lemonade. Ah, summer.


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