Heritage of Faith

The history of religion in Indiana is pretty rich. You have the Catholics coming into the northern part of the state very early, the Brethren working their way in from the east, the Quakers coming up from the south, the Amish settling the rich farmland in the northeastern part of the state.......and even the Rappites being some of the first to settle in Indiana in New Harmony. And the many, many others I have not included.
If America is the melting pot of nations, then Indiana is the melting pot of faiths. Probably due to our location and the time at which our state was settled, the diversity of religions in Indiana is quite amazing. I am honored to be able to say that I have Quaker, Amish and Brethren roots. My Quaker ancestors spaced themselves out across the state-north to south-to help with the Underground Railroad. My Amish forefathers were a part of the first wave of their faith to come into Indiana from Ohio. And my great x4 grandfather and his two brothers were the first Brethren ministers to come to Indiana to expand that church. Many others in my ancestral line "wore the collar" and my great uncle and brother continue in that tradition today.

Now, I'm not suggesting we have moral superiority over our fellow states, but I do believe the rich heritage of faith we share in common has contributed to our Hoosier cultural norms. We are mostly hardworking, honest, helpful and humble folk with a common belief in God and a recognition that Christ is our model in following the golden rule and in loving our neighbor.

And I think that is a big reason why I love this place.


Anonymous said…
what are you referencing to date the period and locations that you say are where certain groups first settled in?

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