Indiana: Crossroads of Time Zones

Dont' ask me how I got Governor Daniels to pose for the top shot, the cow was much more cooperative.

Maybe this entry is a little late........we haven't heard boo about our time zone situation since the last election, and based on the outcome of 2006, chances are the republicans are hoping that it is lost in the property tax debate.

Consider this an early reminder that we will be "falling behind" in a few months, and I'll try to remind you all when the time comes closer. To be honest here, I really don't care about the issue, more about how it came to be. Seems like if state lawmakers had heard their constituents-there wouldn't have been a change. One state rep (who lost last fall) said to me before the election that it's not an issue, and the golfers will love it. I think he should have registered more golfers.

This is what I don't like about daylight savings time. 1) its hard for parents of young children to put their kids to bed during the summer (25% of voters) and 2) it seems dangerous for kids to be waiting alongside country roads for the school bus in the dark (another 10%). 3) lots of folks are early risers and wished that the sun would be up before they start their day at work (20% more) and finally, dairy farmers hate it (I'll guess, what 1%?). That's about 56% (not scientific-but approximately the size of victory most had over their incumbents last fall).

It would be nice if Indiana were all on the same time, Central would be my preference, but if it means Eastern to be together, so be it. That's certainly not going to happen. I guess those cows are just going to have to get used to it...........maybe that's why milk prices are high.


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