No room for D's in this family

My Grandparents at the 1940 GOP Convention-Wilkie was, of course, a Hoosier

We were sitting around the Thanksgiving table last fall when my wife and sister-in-law announced they had voted for certain democrats in the 06 election.


I thought my dad was going to fall off his chair. You have to understand....our family comes from a long, long line of republicans. My great grandmother was the first precinct committeewoman or chair or something in our county-at least that's how the story goes. I know of a couple democrats who were in the family, but we don't talk about that. And my dad has gotten even more "right" since he started listening to Rush a few years ago. I used to listen to Rush while in college-then it kinda started getting old. He always says the same thing-and blames the other guy. I'm big enough to admit I don't have all the right answers; but that would probably hurt Rush's popularity.

I am a doubt about it. I'm also a social conservative-which is less and less about being a republican these days. Occasionally, I even vote for democrats-I just know better than to mention this at my father's table. I believe there are a growing number of folks out there, even in Indiana, who are becoming dissolutioned with the GOP because it just doesn't seem to stand for what it used to-or maybe because those who control it are more concerned about control and less about principles. Maybe you are one of those. It may well be time for a true Republican Revolution (not like the Gingrich one in 1994) and recreate the party for the people.

Just a thought. I think Indiana would be better served.


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