dare to desire, hope & live

I recently finished a book by John Eldridge entitled "Dare to Desire". It was good, as I have heard many of his books are. But it struck a chord with me.

We are born with passions and over time substitute them with other things because what we may be passionate about doesn't fit into the world we've made for ourselves. And it may be that through society and maybe even the church, we lock ourselves into a Christianity that is more about not doing than embracing life. I think we need to accept that our heart's desire was given to us by God; we need to determine how it is expressed. But don't be fooled by "impostors" as Eldridge would call things that are really false desires.

Eldridge refers to the stewards whose master gave them x number of talents. Remember the one who took his and hid it? He was afraid his master would be upset with him if he lost it. So, God, our master, has given us talents and passions that we continue to subdue-maybe to "fit in". I'd be afraid of what God would think of that!

As I continue to "unpack" things from a pretty eventful year, I can't help but look to next year as a huge blank canvas and in anticipation wonder what God has for me. Maybe it's a long rest-that would be fine. But I can't help but think something awaits.........something that will speak to those passions and hopes I had even as a kid.

Eldridge says "we need to be serious about our happiness" and "enter into the adventure God has for us". Too often we would rather dwell in past blessings or maybe a current, bad situation as the hand that was dealt us.

I think the key to full filling your passions and desires is to give your life away-into one life at a time. And laugh.............a lot.


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