wii = whee

Feeling rather embarrassed for my friend, and uncomfortable to watch this performance myself, I sat in their basement last Saturday night as he insisted we get out their new wii system and play. I'm not really the computer games sorta guy, I insisted. But, you have to know Mark's enthusiasm.......for anything......even stale bread.

So I relented, and he put on the boxing selection and I couldn't believe a grown man was acting this out like he was. Then it was my turn...........oh my word! What a work-out! That boxing was awesome!........I found myself dancing around like Sugar Ray, quoting the great Ali-floatin' like a butterfly, stingin' like a bee! Sidenote: I met Ali once, he did magic tricks for some college buddies and I in McDonalds in Berrien Springs, Michigan....no lie.

I'm ready for round two.


Anonymous said…
AH the Berrien Springs McDonalds! The only one in the world with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches on the Menu because Seventh Day Adventist are vegetarians! Thank You Andrews University! Also home to Apple Valley Market the grocery store with no meat counter! Hey by the way HR did you live on campus or in one of the many basements in the Springs that have been converted into apartments? another oddity about the Springs!
hoosier reborn said…
In half a house, converted to apartments with a broken furnace and a garage that was turned into a third apartment. Kinda like river city!
Anonymous said…
My parents and I bought my sons a Wii a couple months ago. It is a lot of fun. That doesn't mean I'm going to suddenly become a gamer, though, to my kids' disappointment.

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