Summer Drive

Being inspired by Indiana Poet Laureate, Norbert Krapf, and our drive home from the county fair last night, I decided to try my own hand at mixing words with artistry......

Summer Drive

Ah, the aroma of corn tassels flooding
Down the road,
Into my open car window
It distracts me from the bumpity bump of
Tires on the old pitted road
Lined with great forests of straightly planted
Tightly packed dark green stalks.
Between me and that wilderness
Kept at bay by rusted wire
Clouds of Queen Anne’s lace appear as though
They hover just above waves of grasses
And bouquets of blue chicory and pink sweet pea.
Bumpity bump, slowing down
Barely crawling
Watching the sun set through the tassels
Making planted rows shimmer nearly ruby red
A little slower, bump-



Puma said…
Well I have no idea if that is Poet Laureate quality writing but I will sure give you an A for effort and courage to "publish" your work! I personally think you are a better photographer!
hoosier reborn said…
HEY! this was on the fly......I have better stuff!

thanks for the photo compliment..but if better photography skills is just better than bad writing....???

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