McCain-same old, same old

Evidently, since I'm such a die-hard Republican ("they" know....just by looking at your primary voting record.....I'm considered a "Hard R"....I know these things because I was in the trade) I received my free McCain bumper sticker along with a lengthy letter asking for money.

I used to like McCain....I voted for him in protest over Bush in 2000.....but he's sold out to the republican power mongers which really hurts my respect for the guy. Then I get this letter spouting off the same rhetoric we've been hearing for years from my's some excerpts:

"His (Obama's) idea of change is to raise your taxes, radically expand the size and scope of our government........."

"Now that the Democrats' battle-tested fundraising machine-fueled largely by liberal special interest groups, Big Labor, focused on defeating me........."

"....the voters want more than petty partisan bickering. They want real answers to the real challenges we now face-not empty rhetoric or hollow promises-and I am offering bold solutions to our challenges, not politics as usual."

"(Obama) has championed a long list of pork-barrel projects for his state..."

"That kind of careless spending in not change: It is business as usual in Washington, and it's all a part of the same wasteful and corrupting system that we need to end."

"they would impose-overnight-the single largest tax increase since WWII"

"you can be certain your tax rate will increase across the board"

"reckless and dangerous move that would threaten the long term security of our country."

I firmly believe Obama's liberal and naive vision of change....."

I've taken the liberty of highlighting in red the common rhetoric we hear during the campaign season, rhetoric Senator McCain says the other side is guilty of producing. These excerpts were from a 4-page letter outlining the evils of Obama and McCains ability to make real change.

Doesn't everyone know this is just garbage? Don't his strategists know we're on to them? I think I saw a reference somewhere in the letter to Al Gore........they forgot to switch his name to Obama from 8 years ago! I'm not saying Obama isn't guilty of this stuff too, but c'mon, are there really still people out there who get all up in arms over this stuff? Haven't we gotten a little smarter than this?

If I ever run another's going to be like nothing no one has ever seen before. I'll say things like this............"Well, I PAY my taxes" and "I'VE never beat an old lady for a parking space" and "MY dog never poops in the neighbor's yard"........and if it gets really tight, I'll claim to deliver pizza to everyone free of charge or rid the world of cats or something else ridiculous.

Because it isn't at all about what can be done, or how to lead a city, state or's all about power-brokering and making up stuff to get people to hate you less than the other guy. Simply stated, I think our democracy is broken folks. I don't know how else to say it.


Anonymous said…
It may be garbage, but unless you're hypervigilant, the stuff gets in and undermines any notions you might entertain of crossing over. It's why they keep doing it. But you know that already, I'm sure.
Anonymous said…
Is Hoosier Happenings going to make an official endorsement at some point?
hoosier reborn said…
My endorsements are embedded in my posts.....should be no major revalation. I nailed all of my predictions on races last fall, I may make some predictions later this year.

With the terribly high count of readers HH has influence with I want to be very cautious on my endorsements, of course.
vanilla said…
I never imagined in my three-quarters of a century that the day would come when one's conscience rebelled at pulling the lever for either major party candidate. But here we are. And don't suggest RN or libertarians. It is just too bad there isn't a "None of the above" lever so one does not waste his vote by not voting. Could at least register one's disgruntlement/disappointment/dis-illutionment.
vanilla said…
hoosier reborn said…
Is it possible that "none of the above" could be a third party? if we had a ballot measure to include none of the above on all ballots, then secretly ran candidates that were of the none of the above...they might win at record levels! I wish I had a none of the above option on at least 50% of my votes!

Vanilla...this might just be the answer to our troubled democracy...None of the Above People! Stand up for None of the Above!
Anonymous said…
There are two parties stick with one and make it change! If you truly don't like either candidate then don't vote. I have on numerous occasions "selected" none of the above in individual races.
hoosier reborn said…
been there, done that. Can I ask how you might accomplish that?

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