We are free in ways we never should be, sweet release from the grip of these chains

Here we go.....

My last day on the job is Friday, August 1. After 12 years, and the only post-college job I've known (as in started the day after graduation), and the absolute source of my identity in river city, God made it really clear to's His timing to move on. The obvious question is "move on to what?"

And that's the beauty of it. I don't have the slightest idea. But I couldn't be more confident in the decision. It is a leap of faith, no doubt. Side note: wife is firmly behind this.

We're staying in river city....we see too much potential in areas I believe He is calling us to. I may strike out on my own; it is clear to see God's providing already for this at least in an interim basis. Long term? Well, we'll just follow His lead.

About a year ago I was reading a book entitled "Discover your Destiny" in which the author portrays a mighty elephant tied to a stake to train it into submission. After some time the trainer removes the stake, however, the elephant, still thinking it is chained, remains captive. The author asks......"what are the imaginary stakes in your life?" My immediate response was "my job". Then I thought, no, that's too obvious. But, it is obvious.

There has been much thought spent on this. It began about 2 years ago and has an amusing thread of irony woven into the story-maybe I'll share in the future. I know this: if I do not activate my own pursuits now, then when? It is a strange feeling indeed, both for the remaining days and for what lies ahead come Monday morning. It is as much about spiritual freedom as it is in pursuing the desires God has formed in my heart.

God has been at work on this piece of clay over the last two years. The foggy lake was like a death....a death of my own reason, a death of who I thought God was supposed to be. He's opened my eyes to so much around me, transforming my mind and soul; I recognize now it isn't at all about seeing to the other side!

Another blogger often affectionately calls God "ridiculous" because He is so much bigger and knowing than we allow Him to be in our lives, that when He does move........we're left dumbfounded. I think God's been looking down with a big 'ol smile on His face.........saying, yeah, ok buddy, you think putting on 22 lbs of muscle is an accomplishment.........WATCH THIS!

All that is within me cries, for you alone be glorified....Emmanuel, God with us. My heart sings a brand new song, the debt is paid, these chains are gone....Emmanuel, God with us.


Anonymous said…
Godspeed, then, as you break away. May this be a time where your dependence on God grows exponentially.
Lisa P said…
OK, I'm a total blog stalker that is coming out of the closet. I looked up your blog because I resonated with so many of your comments on Stuff Christians Like. And then there was this post.

You see, my husband and I made the exact same decision in the exact same situation--back in March. He had worked for the same company for 14 years, starting right out of college. And God spoke clearly, mostly because I think that we'd need him to be that direct to get my husband to leave such a familiar thing.

And now He's a bit quiet. And we wait. But there is an exhilarating peace that comes with the knowledge that you are living a real-time adventure with your Creator.

This may sound funny, but I will be praying for you in this time. It's exciting but it's also confusing and scary at times. But as we travel this journey, you and your family will come to mind.

God bless.
hoosier reborn said…
thanks a ton for the well wishes!
Jeremy said…
I'm always inspired when people follow God into the unknown... thanks for being the kind of disciple that inspires me.

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