whadaya mean not for adults?

Baking in the heat wave from the last week and fortunate enough to have my son pick out a slip and slide for his birthday......Sunday seemed like the perfect opportunity to get a little wet in the backyard.

I did not plan to take part. This is how it started. The boy was convinced the slip and slide wouldn't work because our hose had a hole in it. He tells Grandpa who bought him the slip and slide and grandpa drops off a new hose. There is no leak in the hose by the way. The boy still isn't satisfied (this happens a lot), but my daughter still wants to slip and slide. So she wants dad to help make her go faster. Quickly becoming familiar with the engineering of the slip and slide, I realized it need to be put further down our small hill in the backyard to allow proper water sprinkling across the slide and provide for greater velocity of slipping by having a greater distance of running toward it.

It works! But now the daughter hasn't truly mastered the slip and slide and so I was trying to explain without getting wet how to make it work for you. Now she wanted ME to do it. Hmmm....oooookkkkaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy. I went in the house and got my athletic shorts on and came out and swoooooooosh! I launched over the end of the slip and slide.

WHOAHAAHAHAO!!! That was kinda fun. I realized though the soaked shorts might have been a little too revealing for the neighborhood. But at this point I was having too much fun to care. Then the boy comes out and thinks "wow-this works". So he gets his trunks on. Now we're having a blast slipping and sliding. Then we holler for mom to come out. Mom says "you know that says it's not for adults? It may cause neck and back injury" aww, mom!

Then not to be outdone by dad acting like a kid with the kids.....mom gets on her suit. I imagine the neighbors were thinking.....it's time to move away, bunch of rednecks! Especially after we hung my boxers on the line to dry.

It could be my non-acceptance of the approaching 4-0 will get me into trouble. My neck was a little sore afterward. Well, there goes my $900+ chiropractic and massage charges.....down the.....er, uh.....slip and slide.


Anonymous said…
I warned you about adults and slip and slides....so your neck hurts huh! I guess I was right! Be careful!!! But I have to admit it looks like you were having great fun!!
Anonymous said…
I had a Slip-n-Slide(R) as a kid. It was a lot of fun. Tip: When you're done with it, get it off the grass, or you'll end up with dead grass!
hoosier reborn said…
Anon....are you Dr. Arick??? If so, book a 4:00.

Jim....I'm a bit anal about my lawn..slip and slides and kiddie pools don't last long on the lawn after usage!
PNW Hoosier said…

Obsessive?.........I would have NEVER guessed that about you! (dripping with sarcasm)
hoosier reborn said…

obsessive is something I thought I'd grow out of, or be desensitized to by having kids. It has just morphed into other control issues!

Glad to hear you had a great trip. We were in Idaho for supper one night...barely in Idaho.

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