geesh-will the madness ever end?!?!?

Well, time to has been a year now since I've started blogging.......and I've got a stack of ideas for more posts about life here in the Hoosier State.

From the first post on HH:

I have found over the years, being a native born Hoosier, it takes a great deal of patience and character to dig your feet into the dirt and choose to love a place you often find yourself rolling your eyes in disbelief over. Outrageous, humorous, and often pathetic things that make me scratch my head sometimes, but then, heck, that's what being a Hoosier is all about.So this will be my tool to express my deep fondness of living life right here in small town Indiana. It will include ponderings on faith, politics, the great outdoors and my day to day life as dad and husband.We have something special here in the's a way of life that I have chosen to find endearing. The reality is.........well, life is good here.

Have an awesome weekend everyone-get out and enjoy the heat!


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