to Own a Dragon

Another great book by Don Miller and unlike his other books. Purchasing it to give a friend, but wanting to read it first, I had half of it done before we left on vacation and finished it in the last two days between South Dakota and Minnesota.

Don reflects on his growing up without a dad.....certainly a growing trend in today's society....and how that has affected his maturation during adulthood. Employment, finances, sex & relationships, relating to other guys and relating to God as our father all find a place in this quick read. He quotes incredibly high statistics of men in prison who grew up without dads and men who leave their wives, who also grew up without dads.

But 5 short years of youth ministry also point me to another major problem in the American family and that is of the absentee dad. The dad who might as well not be home because he's too busy at work or on the golf course, or hanging with his buddies. Don't get me wrong, I'm a firm believer that guys need guy time. I'm talking about ignoring the family, wife and children, because of either being sucked into corporate ladder climbing or selfish ambition. Their kids may be just as likely to suffer from the same fate Don speaks of in his book.

I would encourage any guy to read it who might relate, or who has kids. I think the most profound thing I am realizing is that based on the eroding concept of "father" many people, particularly guys, have a hard time grasping the concept of what God as father means. God isn't walking around with a stick to beat us, He isn't bothered by us when we want to talk to Him and He certainly doesn't leave us hanging. The bible says He "delights" in the prayers of His kids, and His plans are to make us secure..........just like a real dad. Miller does a much better job than I on explaining this. Highly recommend it!


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