I'm out with a buddy last night and he needs to pick something up from a store and the store manager and I begin a conversation about ordinances in our beloved river city. The store manager told me that a client of his and well respected (sort of) business man told him and the client's employees that in no way was he going to abide by these new ordinances.....that he gave a lot of money to the current mayor's campaign and it didn't matter how much he racked up in penalties for non-compliance, he wouldn't pay it and wasn't complying with the ordinance. My guess is that the mayor will look the other way. Maybe.

Yet another breakdown of sanity, let alone civic ethics, in river city.

I know I've been a cynic and a grass is greener guy...........but I think I'm about at the point where I throw caution to the wind and begin a revolution. Or at least be very LOUD.

I mean, come on, from national to state many times do we get lied to, particularly in this election year? Have you seen all the claims that Mitch is making in his ads? Could it be any more transparent what is happening with oil companies vying for Iraq and off-shore drilling with the Bush administration? And local politics in the county and city reek of scandal, puppetry and selfish ambition.

And who gets the short end of the stick?

I don't know what it would take to begin a change........certainly a revolutionary approach to engaging in politics. Possibly honesty and integrity....but they don't get you very far. Again, I may be on a rant and within a few weeks you may more fully understand why. What's that quote, oh yeah, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

Alas, everyone is too lazy to care.
by the way.....the new jibjab is pretty funny.


Anonymous said…
how many years did the Roman Empire last? who says this experiment is demcracy will last for ever????
hoosier reborn said…
I believe the idea of a representative democracy to be sound....I believe the 2 party system will ultimately bring the nation to ruin.

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