For better or worse....I'm back

4,020 miles........13 days..........8 states........and God only knows how much cash......later, I'm back home again in Indiana.

Man, I wish I were still out west. I've already been told "the grass is always greener". I'll hit some high lights from the trip and maybe create a link for photos. Been catching up on all my blog reading........and work......this morning.

All things considered, I'm glad to be home.


Puma said…
sorry about the greener grass thing I guess I probably sounded like someones DAD! I not only starting to look old I think and act it too on occasion!
PNW Hoosier said…

Glad you and the family had a safe trip. I rolled into Boise late in the evening on the 4th. If the timing had been better, I would have made a bit of a detour and met up with you. Now I am back at home trying to settle back into the work routine.

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