Fair Fix

Living in Indiana, your options for good entertainment venues are few and far between. So, of course, when the county fair opens.......you simply have to go. It is what we do. We go to the county fair....kinda like eating green bean casserole.

Typically we go on Thursday night because that is when they have the antique tractor parade....several old guys driving their tractors down the dirt concourse, it is also when the sounds of Glen Miller echo from the performance tent by a local big band orchestra. This year we went on Wednesday night and the only entertainment provided was the steer showings and some activity at the horse arena.

We checked out all the animals....turkeys, rabbits and chickens too and I told the kids, "hey, that's the kind of chickens your dad had in 4-H", but I don't think they cared. We went through the exhibit barn, entering through a colonnade of cornstalks in 5 gallon buckets. Regarding a goofy poster board display, I said to my wife..."how does that qualify for a project? " It's amazing what they allow for projects nowadays.

Eating our elephant ears, we watched an old guy in suspenders that now I wished I had taken a picture of near the pork producers tent. Then watched some of the horse shows with one of our former youth group kids who was trying to pick up a girl using his younger cousin as bait.

The 4-H Fair.


Anonymous said…
What no pork chop sandwich from the pork producers?! Ah the projects, we were there Wednesday night too and commented on the same things. We recently attended the Bremen Firemans Festival and wish that the fair had the same ride company I refused to let the grandson ride any of those rattle traps at the fair!
hoosier reborn said…
uh, yes, same here....we don't let the kiddos ride those CNN Breaking News in the making rides.

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