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Holiday World.

Well, I guess the name says it all, right? This bastion of family fun in southern Indiana is possibly one of the best kept secrets from us northerners. Although, based on the crowds, I think the secret is getting out.

This place is great.....we head there with the in-laws (the whole clan) every other year and it just keeps getting better. Reasonable prices for admission, free drinks throughout the park, reasonably priced food, rides for kids and big kids......roller coasters known throughout the Midwest, and a water park unparralled in the Hoosier State.

One thing I noticed, different from my previous two visits, was several signs posted at rides warning folks to shy away from rides if they have heart conditions, neck injury, recent surgery, pregnancy, recently ill, etc.. I also enjoyed the new weight limit signs posted at various multi-user rides, such as the Raging Rapids where 8 brave souls spin around in a giant inner tube dodging water.......evidently the inner tubes weight limit is 635 lbs. Makes me wonder....

1) How did they find out its limit? Did they start packing robust people on the boat until eventually it was submerged?
2) What prompted the limit listing? Was there a weight watchers' outing at Holiday World that turned tragic on the Rapids?
3) Aren't they opening themselves up for a lawsuit when an innocent teenager manning the ride guestimates the weight and says, "hey, fatty, off the boat!"?
4) Wouldn't you hate to be the last one stepping onto the inner tube, getting glances from your fellow passengers knowing they're thinking, "MmHmm-he just put us over the top. We're going to die."?


the back door said…
the raging rapids had a limit of 1360. it was the log ride that only held 4 people that had the 600 pound limit!!!

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