11 March 2008


We caught another glimpse of woody woodpecker while my son was at the bus stop. Is it me, or is it getting darker in the mornings now?

I've attached a picture from our first sighting of the pileated woodpecker near our home-just to make some of those birders out there jealous.

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Anonymous said...

I am wondering if your son knows who Woody Woodpecker is??? Woody would probably be considered politically incorrect in todays world and too violent?? I for one would take a little of that in exchange for the rampant commercialism of todays cartoons.
Ah! isn't it great to have dark mornings again and it is still bright out at 8 pm. Thank you Mitch for the time zone and Cogressman Fred Upton of Michigan for Day light saving time! You two goofy birds just brighten my NIGHT!!!