his lordship, the Dog

There are times when our dog kinda runs our house......even at only 15lbs. We've had him for going on 9 years and he is older than our kids, so, in many ways he has rights that supersede our other children's' (notice I said "other children's').

Prepare yourself.............our dachshund has been hunting Easter eggs since our first Easter with him 8 years ago and yesterday was no exception. We put dog treats in the plastic eggs and hide them at wiener dog level. He learned very quickly and we only had to show him one yesterday before he was in scurrying mode to find more. He cracks them open with his jaws and gets the treat inside. Our family derives great pleasure in watching this, as you can imagine.

Now-before you think we're cracked, we have friends who have the same fondness of their labradors-even inviting the brutes to sleep in bed with them. Our dog, however, takes up very little room. He is good at catching moles (his German name literally means "badger dog") and barking at strangers who walk by the house-just not at strangers who are in our house. And he puts up with a lot of crap from the kids.......and in turn we put up with a lot of crap in the lawn.


Anonymous said…
Have you considered training his lordship to use a certain area of the yard just like you trained him to hunt eggs?
Anonymous said…
I believe that may be coming! Currently, his "grounds" straddle the walkway to the back of our house-not inviting to guests.


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