stuck in the mud

There's a saying here in river city........"if you dip your toes in the river, you'll always come back". But what happens if you put your foot down? Well, you get stuck in the mud.

Our city council had the awesome opportunity to aspire to something better and greater than we are by passing a few simple zoning regulations that many other Hoosier communities have adopted and have proven successful outcomes. But instead, the old farts on council don't get it. I think the problem is that they're River City mud. They don't understand that the way we do things ISN'T the best way possible-that there is a way to be better.

And of course, reliance on our mayor's mental capacity to understand "something better" is useless. He is the blockhead puppet, remember?

Oh well, not that I expected anything different I guess. This is why I say living in Indiana builds character.


Anonymous said…
The truly sad thing about the Yellow River is that is was not originally muddy! It was yellow because the bottom was sandy and the water was clear and clean! Today thanks to bone headed drainage boards the river has been converted into a ditch intended to drain German township farm land as quickly as possible. There are few if any structures built to hold back field run off instead the quicker it can get to Plymouth the better in the counties eyes. Plymouth is not without guilt...for years raw sewage was run directly to the river along Fairbanks Street and others in the city. If you have ever paddled the river the truly sad thing is that the water coming out at the wastewater department is cleaner than the water above the treatment facility thanks to farm and Plymouth Fertilizer run off. I am tired of hearing that "farmers are stewards of the land" the term should be "abusers"

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