Birthdays and Baptisms

We had an eventful last weekend before school is back in session. The weekend marked the end of the summer birthday season. The boy's birthday is at the beginning of July, followed by the dog's, last weekend, and my little girl's this past weekend. The boy wanted a basketball court cake with the Big 10 schools represented. I'm not even sure if I can list all the Big 10.

Tradition in our family is that you get to pick where you would like to have dinner out for your birthday. The dog always gets DQ. This year he also was treated to a new bed. He does not care for his bed....because using it means that the rest of the family is not home.

My daughter started talking about a month ago where she'd like to go for her birthday dinner. She said the place with all the fish on the walls. Fish on the walls? After a few minutes and missed guesses, I asked, do you mean the Bass Pro Shop (in Portage)? Yep, that was the does a father's heart good! So Saturday we spent a good part of the evening at the Bass Pro Shop, then stopped by the dunes to watch the sun set.

After a small birthday party Sunday, and some emergency tree cutting, our church's annual baptismal service was scheduled at a parishioner's pond in the afternoon. Both our kids asked to be baptized this year. We're not an infant baptizing church, nor a sprinkling church....we're the dunk 'em good kinda church. If we were the sprinkling kind of would have been an "all-church" baptism yesterday as the rain fell pretty hard. 20 were dunked.

And although they smelled pretty strongly like fish the rest of the day, this dad couldn't be more proud of his kids! Washed by the water....and committed to following Christ.


vanilla said…
This is so great! Speaks for itself.
PNW Hoosier said…

Here you go,
Illinois, Indiana, Iowa,Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, and Wisconsin.
hoosier reborn said…


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