a bit more respectable

When the summer was at its height and the children going to and fro in the house and on the sidewalk below my bedroom "office" I began to think that it wouldn't be long before the little urchins would be heading back to school and I might restore some credibility to my "office".

So, with it feeling like fall pretty much all summer long, my mind began to wander and dream of a real office....one to which I could even bring clients to. Taking clients to your bedroom to sit on the edge of the bed isn't such a great idea. I found a desk. I found a chair. And I found a room. It is essentially our unused foyer to the back of our house....which I will explain in a later post.

The furniture came in sooner than I expected, but with deadlines and everything else going on, the desk sat empty downstairs until today when I set up shop....in a bit more respectable place. I have a window I can see directly out of...which means I'll probably need to dress in more than gym shorts. And the dog has already found a place at his master's feet too.

If you're in river city, feel free to stop by.....I'll have a pot of coffee on.


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