I've heard of some crazy things, but when I was sent a facebook message by my cuz in Florida who had me "tagged" in a picture......I never expected to see a photo of my cousin's foot. Let alone his tattooed, hairy foot. This set off quite a firestorm of responses from family members. I think he once warned me that he was going to have "76" tattooed somewhere on his which I probably thought he was kidding.

He said he did it in honor of our truckstop and my grandparents who started it 50 years ago. They are probably rolling in their graves, but, hey, whatever. So that made me go looking and probably to my cousin's disappointment, we only dealt in Unocal 76 fuel for the last 20 or so years of our history. We first were associated with Cities Service Stations, then Citgo. But, I guess the 76 has more sex-appeal?

There are few pictures in my possession that depict an orange ball with a blue 76 in the center, from the truckstop days. And I don't have a single photo of our sign at the highway that the giant internally lit orange ball. That's disappointing to me. Can you find the 76 in these pics?

I went by the old place yesterday, which if you remember from previous posts, was demolished earlier this year. The debris pile is finally gone. Not much at all remains...but the memories.....and now my cousin's foot. I asked him if he planned to put more pictures of his foot on facebook to please get a pedicure first.


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