ok, here we go: HEALTHCARE 101

First, before we get into this, understand where I'm coming from.

I'm a 40 year old guy, possibly in the best shape of my life, was rejected by Blue Cross/Blue Shield because I had muscle therapy (massage) on my neck. I am paying extortionate fees for catastrophic coverage for my family plan that could soon surmount to as much as $32k out of pocket for an incident extending over a narrow period covering two insurance years.

I'm essentially a small businessman whose monthly health insurance premiums are more than any other expenses combined. I also come from a long line of independent small business owners. I am a conservative.....which doesn't necessarily mean being a Republican any longer. I AM PATRIOTIC TO THE CORE; I love my country and state probably more deeply than most white collars who are more in love with Capitalism than a nation of ideals, potential and freedom.

But, most importantly, I am a follower of Christ. American, Hoosier, Conservative...whatever label is placed on me holds less merit than the core beliefs I have because I take the teachings of God's Word as directives in my life. This is important to note because it compels me to act and vote from those convictions.

I believe all life is precious. In the womb, or out. In advanced stages of disease or age. And I believe this stretches across all social and economic boundaries. I believe that caring for the sick, elderly, unborn, poor and hungry is one of the most fundamental teachings of the Bible. Not only is it the DUTY of a Christian, it is also a moral imperative of any civilized people.

I believe health insurance costs are extortionate and are undermining the entrepreneurial spirit of our nation. I also believe that they have become a severe detriment to our economy. Along with this are the equally devastating high liability costs endured by physicians.

So, my question is how does a civilized and "christian" nation address health care for its people, also understanding its impact on our economy? That's for Healthcare 102.


Anonymous said…
some modified verstion of the British single payer system ......which Charles Grassley and Right wing groups are proven to be lying and fear mongering about!
vanilla said…
I am looking forward to HC 102.

My take? Start with tort reform. Not gonna happen so long as our nation is run by lawyers from the county courthouse to the White House.

So then what?
Anonymous said…
Vanilla you argument is a chicken or egg argument and a smoke screen for doing nothing,sure damage awards are far too high but not a justification for doing nothing.
Perhaps 31 years in the public education benefit bubble has clouded your real understanding of the issue.
vanilla said…
Anon: Please do not infer that I believe "nothing" should be done. I merely indicated where I think it should start.

Also, if anything, my years in the public sector made me all too aware of the numbers of hurting people amongst us.

And, note that I expressed interest in HR's followup.
Jeff said…
HR: You're obviously a Nazi, Socialist, Fascist, and Granny-hater for even suggesting there might be a role for government in health care...or at least that's what Glenn Beck, Rush and Sarah Palin told me to say.

Looking forward to HC 102.
hoosier reborn said…
c'mon boys, let's keep it civil.

Tort reform is needed, but all too often Republicans want to blame lobbyists for attorney groups while they're giving a pass to lobbyists for pharmaceutical and health insurance groups.

Unless we talk about the issue by setting aside politics, we'll get nowhere....which has been our history for the last 16 years...probably to many lobbyists' delight.

Jeff: I have been called a facist here in river city for my decisions; I take comfort in knowing that the people who called me that have no clue what a fascist is.
Ishmael said…
Seems that those who scream the loudest in this debate have the least to lose. How about the nearly 50 million without health insurance, many of whom have no voice and don't watch FOX news? How about the patient I saw today who refuses testing or admission to the hospital as it means bankruptcy? Is she afraid of "socialized medicine"?

Seems that those who are the most comfortable simply want to remain that way and not address the problem because it might actually require something of them.

Good primer - will also look forward to the HC 102 installment.

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