Beverly Shores: Miami Beach, north

A conversation 22 years ago with a girl I was trying to impress:

Me: How you doin'?
Girl: Great!
Me: Now, where are you from?
Girl: Well, we live with my mom in South Bend, but stay summers with my dad in Beverly Shores.
Me: Beverly Shores??? Where's that?
Girl: You've never heard of Beverly Shores (sarcasm setting in)?
Me: Oh, uh, yeah...that Beverly Shores....
Girl: Whatever. (rolling her eyes)

Beverly Shores is a little like Indiana's version of Miami Beach. Nestled on the bluff of Lake Michigan, Beverly Shores reflects an exclusive and rather quiet playground for the upper class. Recently I was driving through on business and had a few strange glances cast my way.

The little community, mostly comprised of upscale beach houses, has an eclectic mix of well-done architectural styles from about the time the community sprang up in the roaring 20's to today....with only a few what I call atrocities of big money gone bad.

The small South Shore Railway Station puts a smile on your face as you turn off Highway 12 onto the main drag.....taking you back in time. The "Cat Crossing" sign also put a smile on my face, but this time it was me rolling my eyes instead of the girl I was trying to impress.


Anonymous said…
that is properly called a railroad crossbuck....but if you prefer cat crossing then ok.....I think you are just stirring the pot.. :) Wingman
hoosier reborn said…
no, seriously, there was a "Cat Crossing" sign on the main drive...a warning to slow down for felines heading to the beach
Anonymous said…
AND YOU SLOWED DOWN!!! As a birder any stray cat should be fair game!! (ooooh this is going to cause some comments) hehe.
Save the Birds Kill a Cat!
hoosier reborn said…
did I say I slowed down? Only if I could rid myself of the stinkin' cats that sit under my feeders...4 in all, all from different neighbors. We should have a leash or fence ordinance for cats!
vanilla said…
How often I have wondered why my wonderful pooch is subject to leash/fence restrictions while those felines pretend to be someone's pet part-time and yet are free to pursue their feral ways in the neighborhood.

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