Kayaking Sugar Creek one last time

Some of the 20x guys who are into shooting...pictures...recommended we take a camping trip/photo shoot/and I added kayaking this summer. So last weekend we headed out. With a forecast of sun and warm temps, what could go wrong? Cold, rain and overcast...which doesn't make for such good pics.

this was the "vacation house" I was trying to talk my wife into buying

But, we had a great time. Here's some pictures from the trip along Sugar Creek and at Turkey Run; we camped at Shades. There should be more to follow. Enjoy.


Anonymous said…
those second floor doorways to no where always seem curious to me?
I can seem them for ventilation but do you think they were thought of as fire escapes also???
Anonymous said…
need to proof read! see not seem
hoosier reborn said…
the guys asked the same question about the door...this was typical of this style of house and the door went out onto a porch roof-top deck/balcony. The porch that is on this house now is not period. It would have had a flat roof.

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