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It was a little bittersweet this morning, watching my kids head off for their first day of school, my little girl's very first day of kindergarten. Bittersweet because while I love being home with them during the day....I certainly was able to get a lot done in a quiet house this afternoon. I think I was the only dad at the bus stop this morning too. Cherish your kids, time goes by so quickly you'll blink and they'll be gone.....I used to not believe this, but it was just yesterday my son was playing in his 1 year old cake.


Anonymous said…
My stepson was 9 when his mother and I married. Next thing I knew he graduated high school and was off to the Air Force and the sound I heard was that of my head spinning.

My sons are 9 and 11 now. I know very well how fast the trip is from here. Because of experience, I will make more of the time I have with them than I did with my stepson.
PNW Hoosier said…
I echo jimgrey's comment. T was also 9 when her mother and I married. She just turned 18 this past Tuesday and is going to start college in a few weeks. Where does the time go?
Penny Lane said…
My daughter started her Senior year. I have not accepted this yet. We were talking about 9-11-01 just the other day. She remembered it so vivdly because I had met her at Webster School and we walked home together. She had heard about the events of the day but she didn't fully grasp the enormity of the situation -- did any of us? -- We both thought the world might be coming to an end. The ironic thing is I remember walking home from Webster School -- I was 6 -- and someone saying that JFK had been shot. I even rememeber the houses I was in front of on Webster Avenue on my way to my home on Pennsylvania. I thought the world was coming to an end then. I can't believe I am 51 and she will be 18 and off to college next year. It goes fast, really fast!
hoosier reborn said…
follow-up....the kids were thrilled with their first day of school. Now begins the programs, homework, PT conferences, principal office visits, etc. etc. then ultimately graduation!

we played the game of Life last night, both kids took the "college" route...very proud, except my daughter kept gambling and son kept getting sued because he was a doctor.
Anonymous said…
trips to the principals office??? They must take after Dad I know their Mom wouldn't do that!!!!

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