the new Morning Commute

It's been a week since my last day on the job......and settling into the new routine has taken a toll on my wife......I, on the other hand, am doing great. It's been fun, so far, to wear shorts and t-shirts to work. BUT, I have been busy...hence my inability to blog.

I have developed a bit of a new morning routine.....I call it my "commute". Up at about 5:50 a.m., splash water on my face, get on my new running shoes and hit the pavement no later than 6:20. We have a "loop" behind our house that equals a total of .2 miles. I run a few laps, then walk, then run a few more, walk, run, etc. until I expire.

I tried running before but had improper shoes....after a few weeks it felt like someone had driven a nail through my shins. So as kind of a new order of things, and possibly succumbing to pressure by several of my buddies who run, I got up last Saturday morning and ran. And let me tell you.......I got back to the house, downed some water, went out and sat in my "new" porch chair with a cup of yogurt. With the sweat dripping off my lowered brow and forearms resting on my legs, my chest still heaving to catch my breath, I looked up to see the sun rise to wash over the first tree.....a large spruce a few houses down.
The sun rising on a very new day indeed. I felt brand new. Free. Like I was starting this life all over again. It's a beautiful thing.


Anonymous said…
Shorts and T-shirt? I can wear that to my day job anytime I want. It's great working in the software biz, where there are seldom any dress codes. The programmers routinely wear cut-offs and flip-flops all summer.

Glad you got proper shoes for your running. Shin splints are the pits.

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