to insure, or not to insure....that is the question

Too often my mind starts going into victim syndrome. I try to snap out of it, but when something irrefutably wrong hits you square between the eyes, it's kinda hard not to feel like someone's out to get you.

Take for example this current conundrum. Obviously, leaving my job means leaving my health insurance behind. We were well prepared and began researching coverage almost immediately. Yesterday we get a call from our local insurance company stating that the provider would cover my wife and kids, but big a health risk. WHAT??

We figured there must be some mistake, so our local company went to task trying to sort things out. No, guy, this specimen of health (hey, my doctor's words)........they were denying because of past health issues. Now, hold on....there hasn't been any past health issues except for a few bouts with the flu bug. What are they talking about? Unfortunately the deadline is tomorrow, to which I am faced with getting temporary insurance until I can contest their findings.

Now....I can't tell you how much of a blow this is to me. First of all, with little doubt in my mind, I am probably in the best physical shape of my life since college....20 years ago. I say this humbly, because it was a mighty big God who whipped me into shape. I'm running, working out...eating only the healthiest of food. I've been in to see the doctor for dumb things, I'm sure he thinks........but won't tell me because he's a good friend. What's up?

So, evidently there's this thing called insurance identity theft. Let me tell you a story about another guy, my age, who shares four things in common with me. 1) my last name 2) essentially my first name (kinda like eric & erik), 3) he was born in the same small town I was and 4) less than two weeks older than me. This Eric guy (names changed to protect the innocent) has gotten pulled over for drunk driving more times than I can count, his ex-girlfriend called my house thinking he was me (try explaining that one to the wife), and his creditors have called demanding I pay them........and this is where I think the problem may be. These were for unpaid WHOPPING MEDICAL BILLS. even went so far as Birdman contacting me once asking if I had sowed some wild oats in high school because he was told "that erik guy ain't the guy he claims to be". I told Birdman that I might have been cool at private school standards, but would still be a geek at any public school. I started figuring it would weigh down my political career, not unlike Bill to his Hillary.

So, now, I've got to straighten out another mess. In the mean time I'm considering going without coverage, locking myself in the house through the month of September and fashioning a bubble wrap suit for protection. My doctor friend was kind enough to say he'd help contest the issue, and if I needed a physical he could come to my house to ask me to turn my head and...yah...right!


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