Hearing from God.

Lake Superior, the morning God & I had a little chat

Two weeks ago our pastor spoke on various ways we can hear from God. Now a good friend of mine once commented...."you evangelicals always think you're hearing from God, do you believe you hear from Him audibly??" So, this may warrant some explanation. Sometimes we know in our spirit God is prompting us to do something, to approach someone, reach out to someone. There are times when something is "revealed" to us, such as a deeper understanding of scripture. Often in nature God gives us a metaphor as a message to us. And there are times, I believe, that He can even speak in an audible voice....just as He did to Moses, John the Baptist, (S)Paul, etc.; although I haven't experience that!

The message got me thinking about times when I've heard from God......when I knew it is Him revealing truth to me in a remarkable & personal way. I can think of a few occasions in the last two years, and probably very little before that. I don't know that it proves me any more spiritual than someone else; maybe, rather, God needed to hit me upside the head with His omnipotent 2x4.

So, I look back and celebrate the fact that two years ago, He revealed something in my heart that shouldn't be there......a grasp for power, and gave me a sign in nature "the David tree" to say, hey, I'm speaking directly to you.....be more like David, a man after My own heart. And I think about that time last summer on Lake Superior's shore, as I looked out and saw the perfectness of God's creation, that He spoke to my heart and said, you too I made perfect. And while reading the Sermon on the Mount this Spring, I was struck by the absolute personal-ness in Christ's directive......be salt and light in river city. And then with His prompting, introduced Him to my good buddy this summer.

And wow.....how this relationship with my great big dad up in heaven has grown because, or maybe in step with, His talking to me. I believe we can all hear God speak, it's just a matter of listening.


Anonymous said…
Love the 2x4 reference. I normally find that size plank in my one eye!
Anonymous said…
hey this is "that" friend....I am less confused but I have questions and perspectives that I will share with you...thanks for the post!!!!

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