9 years old today!

We probably spoil and obsess over our dog more than other folks. I concede to that criticism. He was our "first" child, we got him not quite a year after we were married. Well, today is his birthday, he's 9 years old and we are very proud parents indeed.

We felt bad though, the weiner's birthday is usually accompanied by a trip to the Dairy Queen, and we were, in fact, in Ohio this morning and wouldn't make it back to get him from his lodging accommodations at the local vets. Problem solved, I contacted Bird Man, who loves weiner dogs, and he volunteered to pick up the birthday boy while the vet was open this morning so that he wouldn't have to spend his 9th birthday in a cage.

Thanks Bird Man......and I'm sorry about the baby bunny he disemboweled in front of your grandson!
The picture with me was our first day with the weiner, and him tearing up a magazine, and our subsituting him for a real child at his first Christmas.


Anonymous said…
well you can be relieved to know that the Grandson was not a witness! I am happy that Oscar "the Assassin" got his DQ! hehehe! He is a great dog though and I was glad to help!

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