the scenic drive

The fountain in the town square (or triangle) in Lagootee

The German influenced Catholic Church of Jasper-one of the finest in Indiana

The old "North Pole" post office at Santa Claus...97 degrees when I left

Coming back from Santa Claus, Indiana I realized how nice of a drive Highway 231 truly is. Jasper in the midst of celebrating its German heritage, Lagootee with its downtown square and fountain, Greencastle and Crawfordsville, then north out of Lafayette on 25 through Delphi and Logansport. Indiana really can be a charming place to travel. A lot of history with winding scenic roads along this stretch. It seems to me that people take more pride in their towns when they choose to celebrate their heritage, or ethnic background.....such as Jasper.


Anonymous said…
HR you have hit on something that I thought about for many years. River City has no ethnic heritage! It is truly a melting pot. When I was a kid if seemed like there were a fair number of Polish in town, but that never manifested itself in any kind of celebration. We don't even have a good European ethnic restaurant. No Italian, French,or German fare! No corner pub where everyone knows you name! That serves a good import beer on tap! No Umpa music, no bag pipes,no place of good cheer! There are the Germans of Bremen the Swedes north of Donaldson....towns that have a long history and a ethnic heritage where people know how to have fun are missing from Marshall County!
Natalie said…
What?!! No pictures from Greencastle.

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