news from around the state.....again

OK, this is one of those "only in Indiana" kinds of things:

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — An Indiana State Fair exhibit promoting education about colorectal cancer includes a 40-foot model of the human colon that visitors can crawl through.
The free exhibit at the Clarian Healthy Lifestyles Pavilion on Aug. 6-17 is dubbed "Colossal Colon" and depicts healthy colon tissue as well as tissue with hemorrhoids, cancerous and non-cancerous polyps, Crohn's disease, diverticulosis, ulcerative colitis and various stages of colon cancer.

Is this for real? Well, I guess I applaud their efforts, but you wouldn't get me in there.


Speaking of hemorrhoids, the Snyders are in the news again (SB Tribune):

SOUTH BEND — A split verdict in the trial of former Roseland Town Councilman David Snyder has the two sides taking sides all over again. It took two hours Thursday for the jury to reach verdict: guilty on misdemeanor battery charges, but not guilty on felony intimidation charges.

I think the whole town of Roseland is a bit wacky, in a representational democracy, we elect people, of the people....which explains a lot about my corner of the world.


Thanks to the governor's property tax "relief" plan that will cause my taxes to increase and slumlord's to go down, it appears that the cities of South Bend and Elkhart, along with many others, are having to make tough choices with budget shortfalls. Many of the arts programs supported by Elkhart and the zoo and parks of South Bend appear to be on the chopping block. Mitch, whose Lt. Governor runs around making statements to communities that they have to compete with other states based on quality of life issues, who wants to bask in his "success" of property tax reform, should well consider that rather than propelling Indiana to the forefront, he likely has reduced us to the armpit of the Midwest.
An armpit with very good roads around Indianapolis.


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