not a good thing

Well, I know what is NOT a good thing to experience on your first day striking out on your own. We had some severe storms sweep through last Monday that drove us to the basement once the rain starting going horizontal out the window. Just as the wind seemed to let up, I told the family to stay in the basement while I go upstairs. Then I got a shout to come back down stairs and as I did I heard water pouring. We got a lot of rain in a short period, but I didn't expect to see a waterfall in the basement.....that shot out of one crack like a faucet. I said to my wife....this isn't good. Had only FEMA seen this last January...they may not have turned me down.

So, I've got a bid to do some drainage work around the south side of the house. Not sure what I'll use to pay for it. My daughter insisted that I didn't need to work; so I pressed her for an answer to how we would pay for the mortgage once the money ran out.....she said we could just open up the lemonade stand again. I told her we might need to raise the price of lemonade from 25 cents.


Anonymous said…
My heart sank for you upon reading this. God knows your need and will not only make a way for you, but will likely teach you a few things about leaning on him in the process.

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