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Several weeks ago I was approached to lead our Wednesday night youth group at our church. Youth is not something new to me, I did a five year stint with my wife, 5 years ago. And so, thinking of myself as young and having something to offer and having had a great experience with it before......I agreed.

Well, I'm two weeks into it. And I am excited about working with youth again, and seeing how God can impact these kids. But I've also realized that within just 5 years a lot has changed. I don't even get texting.....and this seems to be a primary method of communication. And then there's the whole Facebook thing. I set up an account several months ago but never did anything with it (was invited to be a friend and thought it would be rude to not, hence my account). But this new generation is all over it! So, yesterday I went it and spruced up my profile, added a picture, etc.. And now I've got invitations coming out my ears. Which is great, it's fine, it's how these kids connect. And I was able to find a couple of old college friends as well, so it's worth it. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage facebook, blogsites, varying email addresses, a company website.......and the rest of my life.

Our youth group is called DiVe, and I plan to do a series from the book UnChristian this Fall-to which I will do previews and follow-ups on, what else, a blogsite. So if you have any interest in this growing part of my life now, visit http://www.dive0809.blogspot.com/ . It's shaping up to be an awesome year. Pray for me!


Anonymous said…
I don't get texting, either, but I kind of like Facebook. Good luck with the youth.

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