lots of Lincoln

At the request of a reader.........here are a few more shots from my frigid day on the highway. They include the Marshall County Courthouse, the 1927 Lincoln Highway Bridge/Jefferson Street Bridge in Plymouth (let's hope for a restoration), a Mail Pouch sign, and some highway and railroad structures. Now, I'm partial to our 1928 alignment, but look at the pictures, it's with just cause! The Lincoln follows the Pennsylvania Railroad through much of the county, so it is a particularly nice drive in mid summer when the wildflowers are blooming between the road and railroad in the wide right of way. The stone arches are found in four locations along the route, but, unfortunately the concrete bridge is the last of its kind here.


Brian Butko said…
Beautiful shots! Nice to see these places in the snow.

Anonymous said…

That's a huge compliment coming from you! I'd like to set out when the temps aren't so disagreeable and take some shots the lend to the artsy side.

Thanks again, and thanks for stopping by HH.


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