We are (d)One

Leaving Notre Dame stadium Saturday, after being a part of history, my friend pointed out the back of a fan's t-shirt and said, "whoa, for a moment, I thought that said WE ARE DONE".

Geesh, poor Notre Dame. Now, I'm not a raving Notre Dame fan.......certainly was more so in college than now, but I've always been for the home team-be it Purdue, IU or Ball State (almost upset Nebraska this weekend!). And since IU didn't have much of a football program to speak of, and Purdue was IU's arch enemy in basketball.....that led me to Notre Dame: awesome school, awesome football program, in the Holtz years.

I got to the stadium very early and was able to soak in the atmosphere, catch the team practicing and ponder my place in the universe with touch down Jesus at my back. A very telling song played during practice......"Living on a Prayer". I really did love being there, and you could tell the crowd was desperate for a win and the glimmer of hope in the first half set the fans on fire.

But that was the end of it. As we left the stadium my friend said "it seems that even touchdown Jesus is frowning".......I thought, no, like the reaction of most fans, He had his hands in the air saying what's up with the Irish? I sincerely wish the team well, Notre Dame is a great school with tradition unparalleled here in the Midwest, and much of the country for that matter.

A great school deserves a great football program. Go Irish! on to Purdue!


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