It's Official!

No, the guy in this picture is not me......I wish! He has been my inspiration. Let me give some background. I went through a profound change late last fall regarding my role in our community, some basic beliefs and about the direction God would have for my life. This lead to an interesting challenge-The 2007 Self-Challenge-I called it.

Always having been a scrawny guy, I felt the nudge to begin to transform myself physically as well. To be honest, some of it had to do with creating a distraction from what was going on around me. I had tried everything before-including forcing down Heavy Weight Gainer 2000 during college. None of it worked. My goal was to gain 18 lbs. of lean muscle.

Well, it's official. While visiting the doc today I learned I had gained exactly that 18 lbs.. Now, before some of you start sending me hate mail, remember, it was no fun growing up being called squirt. I'd like to say I've gained an even 20 lbs of muscle, so, I'm going for 2 more by the end of the year.

My belief in this is that God used some trying times in my life, to say this to me........not only can I change your heart, your mind, but I can change you physically as well. Believe me, this is a miracle. And a BIG THANKS to some of my buddies out there who have encouraged me in this!


Anonymous said…
Congrats!Charlie.....Charlie Atlas!

Those darn politicians won't be kicking sand in your face on the beach anymore.....oops you probably aren't old enough to remember Charlie Atlas Ads. in the back of comic books and Field and Stream? You probably aren't old enough to remember reading those Ads. while you waited to get your hair cut at the Barber Shop either?!?!? My age is showing!
Anonymous said…
I got plenty of barber shop cuts...had to sit on a board stretched across the arms of the barber chair. My dad would leave me there and run errands. I often wondered if he'd forget me!

Not Charlie Atlas huge yet, but when I am, my "fellow" republicans better watch out.

Hoosier Reborn

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