night on the (small) town

Maybe I should let me wife tell this story, but it certainly is in keeping with the spirit of this, here goes.

Our little town has an operating downtown, old time theater that still shows first run films. Because of some professional services I provided the old couple who owns the building, they gave my wife and I a handful of free passes when we were first married. We went a couple years and never paid for a movie. In fact, after I proposed to my wife, the theater owners were the first folks who knew because they were on the way back from our walk on which she accepted. Once we were snowed in when we lived in our apartment downtown-only the downtown Chinese restaurant and the theater were open (they were snowed in too), so we ate Chinese and took in a show. There was one other couple there, who also ate Chinese......same story.

The other night my wife and her friend went downtown to catch the film. They got there only a few minutes late to find the ticket booth closed. She inquired if it was too late and the older lady said, "no one showed up, so we aren't showing the film". After a few minutes on the sidewalk, the owner's son said, "if you want to see it, I'll run it for you". So they opened the theater for my wife and her friend. Then a little old man showed up who, evidently, waits to see if someone else is going so that the owners don't open the theater just for him. Now that's good, small town service you wouldn't get at your mega-plexes!


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