Not an Actor

The sun was bearing down on this poor 93 year old Sunday. Folks would ask me questions about my life and I'd have to admit I forgot. Occasionally I'd forget some important parts of my life, while trying to keep the crowd entertained-but my granddaughter would straighten me out. The worse part was when my other wife showed up with the kids.....folks wondered who was THIS woman? And how could a 93 year old have kids 5 and 7 years old? I don't know that my second wife's family was too happy to share the spotlight. Then my parents showed up.

Now, I don't know if I've gotten any better at educatin' the public than when I gave a discussion about my time in the Civil War last year, and subsequent dying in Tennessee; but the crowd seemed to enjoy it regardless. What is this guy talking about?

The Tri-Kaps in our little town did a cemetery walk this past weekend and asked if I would play an older gentleman. I had my arm twisted into participating in a similar event last year for another group.......a good friend and I were a couple of brothers who fought and died in the Civil War, it was kinda cool. And knowing many of the Tri-Kaps, felt that it was good to help this year in their worthy cause. When I got to my station (grave) the granddaughter of the old man was already sitting and waiting for the performance. I enjoyed talking with her.....but quickly realized when I started my schpeel, I had several other facts floating around in my head. So I would stop and think, now, where am I, oh yeah. Hey, I'm not an actor, well, I am a politician-is that the same?


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