that time of year again!

Slow moving farm machinery! Remember those signs? I think there are a few of those left on the county roads. It is that time of the year again, the beans are coming out of the fields in break-neck speed and corn should be following soon. I haven't caught what the expected yeilds will be this year, due to the drought conditions earlier in the summer; or if the deluge in late summer will help in any way.
My grandfather had two requirements of me in his later years. I was his chauffer in the spring to check the progress of spring planting in the surrounding countryside. He always swore that the farmers who planted on Sundays, when they should have been in church, were certain to lose their crops to natural disaster. Never mind gramps didn't go to church until late in life. Then there was the harvest tour.........we would head out to see the condition of the fields about this time of year........and which farmers were lax in getting their beans out of the field.

I wonder if I'm going to be the old guy in the passenger seat someday, pointing out who the lazy farmers are and who is on the ball. Probably.......I kinda do that even now. Meanwhile, slow down, there may be a combine ahead.


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