Does this disturb you?

It should.

Yet again, I find cause to ponder on the political activism running rampant in some churches. I received a disturbing letter over the weekend from a local church. It appears they are having a "community event", but wanted to let me know, as an elected official, that I should be sure to register at the front table so that they could announce the names of the elected officials and candidates (since this is a municipal election year) in attendance. They wanted me to know that they expected 900 people and that they would also be conducting voter registration. Of course, they say it is for both parties.

Unfortunately churches like this are turning Christianity into almost a prostitution of the cross, attempting to influence political leaders with selling themselves and their voters, or whatever crowd they can get to show up to their event. But they see nothing wrong with it. How it must make Christ feel?!

I'll be blunt (as if I haven't already been). They are contributing to the reckless abandonment of the Christ model by wrapping the cross in the flag and seeking influence with men who will acknowledge God with their mouths, but not in their hearts or lives. And what is tremendously worse, is that those same men find themselves controlled by men of deplorable moral standing.

Let the church concentrate on changing hearts, not influencing voters or politicians. Again, a good read is "Myth of a Christian Nation". I plan to respond to my invitation to this church event, declining the invitation, but want to do so in a constructive way......this blog is just my rant.


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