the Most Sacred site

I have a strange little quirk, that until now, only my wife knew about. If for any reason we are in Indianapolis, I make a pilgrimage to Monument Circle and walk, or at least drive around the circle............for good luck. That's right, it has almost become a superstition for me.

I'm not sure what started it; I made several trips to Indy while in high school and went to the circle. If ever there was something done right in Indiana, this is it. The sculpture and architecture is amazing, the approach and views from the circle are breathtaking. Monument Circle, at the center of Indianapolis and the center of our state is like the heart and soul of our great state, preserved and celebrated in a fantastic public arena.

Now, what many of you might not know, Monument circle was originally intended for the governor's mansion. In fact, when Indianapolis was laid out, they built the first governor's mansion there. Governors would later refuse to live there, the mansion became vacant and animals would run through the unkempt yard and house. This sounds a little more Hoosier, doesn't it?

As a monument to our soldier's, the pioneering spirit of our forefathers and representations of our native creatures, the circle is one place every Hoosier should go and reflect.


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